Westclox S5-J "Moonbeam"
Ebay Item number: 250249463857

Westclox Moonbeam

Style: Electric flashing light alarm clock 
Date: 1949 - 1950's 
Case: Plastic with brass base 
Dial: paper 

Often mistaken as a clock that was made for the deaf. "First he blinks... then he rings" was the logo for this clock. At first when the alarm trips, just the light blinks and then if not shut off, it will start buzzing or ringing. Was available in plain or luminous dials. Case was either white or yellow with dial being white, brown and even red.

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Won auction on May 25th
Delivered May 30th

Date stamped Aug. '55.  Light functions, but no buzzer.

Frame was bent slightly to get buzzer working again.

Thoroughly cleaned and keeping perfect time in new home.

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